What is a Coach?

> How coaching works and what it provides

A coach has been defined by the International Coach Federation “someone who partners with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.  Coaching helps you THINK IT THROUGH.  Your family, friends and coworkers are not neutral and don’t necessarily have the ability to give the best, unbiased feedback.  Coaching gives you the perspective, the push and the support needed to move forward. It brings clarity, focus and excitement to your life and a plan to achieve your vision for your best life. To be successful, most of us need to stop, think it through and make a plan.

Who successfully utilizes coaching services:

  • Successful people, looking to enhance an area in the lives
  • Frustrated individuals who are ready to make meaningful changes
  • Committed workers interested in making changes to increase satisfaction
  • Individuals who are willing to “try on” new ideas and perspectives

What does Coaching provide?

  • New and Fresh perspective
  • Help seeing the big picture
  • Identifying blind spots
  • Accountability
  • Transformation in career and personal life
  • Feedback and ideas
  • A rich CHALLENGE to stretch to you full potential

As your coach, I will hold you accountable to your commitment to move forward, provide a safe, confidential environment, provide space to freely speak the unspeakable, and support you in your journey to your BEST and HEALTHIEST self!

Are you fatigued, stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed with…the same daily routine that is no longer working for your professional and private life?  Frequently individuals are hesitant to make changes because they don’t have a clear vision of where they want to go.  Coaching creates a platform to expand your vision and discover a plan to move forward to achieve your goals.