About Debra

Our Approach

Dr. Debra Williams

The Past

Working as an emergency medicine physician for 20 years was filled with challenges, trauma, victories, and reward. The stress, the exhaustion, and the frustration along with the gratification of using my training and skill to make a difference prepared me for how I can serve health professionals today. Working as Director of the Emergency Department in a high volume community increased the stakes and multiplied the pressure. At the same time, I loved being at the bedside of patients and valued the professionals I worked with.


The Present

As I experienced the rapidly changing landscape of medicine and the impact it was having on me both personally and professionally, I knew it was time to make a change. Meeting and learning from other physicians who were coaches helped define what that career transition would look like. I trained and received certification with Coaches Training Institute as a personal and professional development coach. It's exciting to be able to combine my scientific background with the neuroscience of "rewiring" the brain, to assist individuals and organizations to make transformational, long lasting changes.

The Possibilities

I have always been fascinated by the diversity of people and their desires and visions. I enjoy connecting and sharing that passion to identify clients' unique talents. By looking at the complexity of life, breaking it into pieces and redesigning how it should look according to my clients goals I am able to guide clarity and decisions to move individuals and organizations into action.

I am committed to working with clients, moving them through the stages of discovery, identifying their natural strengths and visions, and learning how to leverage that talent to reach their goals and find joy and meaning in their lives.

A Bridge to the Future

Dr. Deb Leads opens the doors for healthcare professionals to join a community that is safe to discuss your challenges, find your voice, listen to your heart and express your truth. What could be better than to find your "tribe" and have that "I've got your back" camaraderie. A great place to celebrate even when the going is tough.


Our Story



A deep look at what's working and what's not. I can help you gain clarity around the "what's not" and help you push your own "reset" button.



Knowing who you are, what you believe in and what you stand for is critical. What is part of your "core" being you can't live without. Let's explore your values and if the wheel is out of alignment and taking you on the wrong track, we can clarify and realign what you want in your life/career.



Once we diagnose what needs to be reset and realigned, you can redesign your priorities. Accountability initiatives help you apply and sustain the plan we create.

This is a journey, because all three of these parameters will need reevaluation as you move through the positive change ahead.